• Artemis Carlyle

    Artemis Carlyle

    Carlyle the Cold-Blooded, one of the Adamantine Arrow's fiercest warriors and one of the Library's finest gentlemen.
  • Cain Serket, the Scorpion King

    Cain Serket, the Scorpion King

    A friendly face in Library City, well connected and intelligent. If a bit weird.
  • Carcer Quill

    Carcer Quill

    The machine man, raised by the Library but forever changed by his actions in New Rome.
  • Invisible Temple

    Invisible Temple

    A PMC with a reputation for skilled soldiers who don't ask questions.
  • New Roman Empire

    New Roman Empire

    Highly advanced and highly cultured, children in the NRE are raised from birth to believe the Empire is the centre of the universe.
  • Padma


    A strange girl found in an ancient machine, older than the stars, she's a blank slate waiting to be shaped by the party. Whether they like it or not.
  • Surge


    Possibly the most dangerous and mysterious race in the galaxy. There is no greater threat in uncharted space.