Artemis Carlyle

Carlyle the Cold-Blooded, one of the Adamantine Arrow's fiercest warriors and one of the Library's finest gentlemen.


Decades ago, before NRE occupation of the Eora system when war between human colonists and the Unchained seemed certain, countless numbers of the Unchained underwent experimental procedures to ready themselves for war. They were considered patriots, willing to use dangerous Warden-tech on themselves to defend their home, and few sacrificed as much as the Cold Ones.

An elite few who volunteered for extensive surgery to change their flesh and bones until they were almost indistinguishable from humans, the Cold Ones are infiltrators and assassins, even after the NRE arrived to exert their military dominance they act as guerilla fighters. Waging a secret war through paranoia and subterfuge.

The being who became Artemis Carlye was one of these infiltrators, as a secret mage he had spent his whole life hiding, but for all its faults the City of Shattered Chains was all he had ever known. He began willing to die for the City, but years of fighting his secret war gave him a chance to see the galaxy outside his home, he witnessed the Pentacles Orders and the construction of the Interstellar Library as a grand testament to the gift of magic. For all the evil humanity had wrought they had also created something the Unchained, fearful of magic, never could.

He surrendered to the Pentacle Orders, trading Unchained knowledge for consideration to joining them as an initiate. Of course, that was decades ago. Now Carlyle is a well-regarded mage and soldier of the Arrow. A self-styled gentleman, he can often be found in his favorite cafe reading a classic work of fiction or solving some strange mystery.

After dark, he will lead Arrow strike forces and discuss theories of magic at the Library. Even his past is just seen as another oddity in the life of a mage. The important thing is that he never has to hide any part of himself that he doesn’t want to.


A well-spoken intellectual and a fierce soldier Carlyle does not court violence, but he’s very good at ending a fight. He is fond of the human saying; “Walk softly and carry a big stick. Preferably a stick capable of calling down lightning on your foes.”

Carlyle earned his nickname of the Cold-Blooded by committing some unspeakable acts against those who would threaten the Pentacle Orders and the magical society of Kaeris, and he will never apologise for it.

The Adamantine Arrow is his life, in many ways, he may believe in acting with proper decorum but he’s a soldier at heart. Once he has undertaken a mission, be it official or personnel, there is little that will stop him. Perhaps that’s what this latest stray mage is to him, another mission, to mold a soldier, or perhaps the kid is something more. Carlyle the Cold-Blooded might as well be stone for all he’s revealed.

Artemis Carlyle

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