Cain Serket, the Scorpion King

A friendly face in Library City, well connected and intelligent. If a bit weird.


A man in his early twenties who appears to be of old Arabic descent. He is almost always seen with his cat Seb, a product of failed genetic manipulation who he saved from a lab’s trash incinerated, she is blind in one eye but can double in size to become a lean and vicious manticore.

Cain tends to dress casually outside of the Library, but is very serious when it comes to important meetings, he’s almost unrecognisable when dressed up.

His shadow name comes from his somewhat warped knowledge of Egyptian mythology as a young child, when he Awoke, taking his name from the scorpion goddess Serket and the Scorpion King the legendary first Pharaoh.


An orphan whose parents were killed during an outbreak of an alien flu, he survived with his older siblings whose immune systems were still flexible enough to battle the virus. However, they were separated during the quarantine efforts and doesn’t know what became of them.

A cunning boy even from an early age, Cain escaped quarantine by sneaking onto a caravan which was heading to the newly discovered alien ruins on Kaeris. He made himself useful carrying important papers to and fro and since the excavation efforts were so large no one really questioned it when it showed up at mealtime. Cain quickly developed a love for the archeological site and some of the professors were more than willing to share their knowledge of old Earth history. In particular, he was fascinating with Egyptian mythology, not knowing a lot about his Earth heritage, however his knowledge was a little muddled the result of reading an eclectic assortment of books at such a young age.

He Awakened early, something he attributed to growing up studying the alien ruins, strange runes led him on paths that just led to impossible similarities with Egyptian Earth sites. Until he dreamt of an ancient Egyptian city with sky the color of hardened blood and a great pyramid devoted to a twisted god who bled black ichor. For what seemed like days he explored it’s twisted passages, avoiding hideous creatures of flesh and fire, until eventually he stumbled across a king whose light of life burned away the darkness. After he awoke, the ruins held even more mysteries but it wasn’t until he found teachers in the men and woman building the Library that he started to find the right path to answers.

He helped build the Library, mixing concrete while his new teachers gave lesson by drawing runes and secret words into the concrete. When the Library was complete and the Archivists of Mystery named themselves, he was among their youngest members.

Today he works as a Herald for the Archivists and the Mysterium as a whole, since the Interstellar Library was weaved into his pattern at such a young age he finds it difficult to leave the Library for long periods of time. But it has given him great insight into the mysteries that other mages bring back to the Library.

As a Herald, some of the mages that come into the Library treat him as a glorified secretary, which is, technically, and this is only furthered by the fact that he has a somewhat jovial attitude unless a subject truly interests him. But make no mistake Cain is a man of much knowledge and he can be a great ally to those who wish to explore the mystery of space. At the very least, don’t get on the bad side of his mutant cat.

Cain Serket, the Scorpion King

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