Carcer Quill

The machine man, raised by the Library but forever changed by his actions in New Rome.


Carcer Quill is a walking example of the extremes that body modification obsession can reach when one has the resources of the New Roman Empire and magical talents at your fingertips. Little remains of his original flesh, almost everything has been replaced with arcane energies and chrome flesh.

Some question how he can even still cast magic, even the Free Council on Kaeris have yet to master the kind of machine-magic fusion that could create something like Carcer. It makes you wonder what else he learned in New Rome.


Casuality lists and damage done by the Cold Ones and other Unchained guerilla efforts are rarely reported on, so it can be easy to forget that there are constant small scale wars happening in Eora all the time. When the Cold Ones bomb an NRE installation it is not just the soldiers who suffer. At the age of nine, the boy who would become Carcer Quill lost his parents and most of himself to one such alien attack in orbit over Kaeris. The very fact that he survived was an impossibility and, unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long until he Awoke from the lie of reality.

The Interstellar Library was still in its infancy at this stage, but the mages of Kaeris weren’t one to abandon a mage, even a child. Carcer grew up alongside other orphans, not all of them were mages, but all of them had lost family and more to terrible circumstance. Sadly aliens, particularly Cold Ones featured into these stories more often than not, which only fueled his adolescent rage against the Unchained. Sadly he wasn’t the only one who believed in such things among the Library, a growing bloc of anti-alien mages took him in, training him in magic and equipped him with black-market implants. Their intention was to create an elite soldier but Carcer’s destiny seemed to lie with even worse people.

When Carcer came of age he suddenly disappeared, and would remain so for another fifteen years, those that knew him doubted that he simply died. Some even feared that he has turned his talents to the Seers of the Throne. Though it had been decades since the Pentacle Orders had encountered anything more than splinter groups from the Seers, no-one doubted they were still around, many rumors pointed the Order’s ancient enemy have infiltrated high level of New Roman society. It wasn’t uncommon for embittered mages to seek them out, those more interested in power or vengeance than the ideals of knowledge and ascension preached by the Library.

And then, as suddenly as he vanished, Carcer returned to Library City. Fifteen years older and equipped with bleeding edge NRE hardware, but his temperament had greatly changed. No longer did he bear a grudge against the Unchained. He never answered any requests for answers, even with the Guardians of the Veil breathing down his neck, but the scars on his mechanical body and the look in his eyes said more than words ever could.

Nowadays Carcer Quill seems to be solely consumed with the pursuit of a normal life, or as normal as a mage can have. Few mages trust him- indeed many believe him to a Seer spy- but you need only to talk to the man to see that he has a deep personal hatred for the Seers. Still a mage never really retires, while Carcer Quill gives Order politics a wide berth he can often be seen poking around crime scenes with a magical connection. It’s gotten him in trouble with the Guardians of the Veil and sleeper law enforcement more times than anyone, but he’s also solved more than his fair share of mysteries and murders.

Recently, his attention has been focused on the Hexagon terrorist attacks, but this is different than the cases he has meddled with in the past. There’s something personal about this to him. Every time Carcer Quill hears the name Hexagon, he remembers…

Carcer Quill

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