Invisible Temple

A PMC with a reputation for skilled soldiers who don't ask questions.


“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell the truth.” Oscar Wilde

Each soldier of the Invisible Temple wears a golden mask. Multifaceted angles reflect the light in strange and unpredictable ways. Look directly at one and you’ll find yourself blinded. Then they shoot you.

The universe is home to a lot of men just trying to make some cash. Mercenary and bounty hunting work can bring in the Pax, but it is a competitive field. Those that can hack it solo will usually gravitate towards a Private Military Company, for the protection if nothing else. There is only one group though that never seem to have to recruit, but is never short on soldiers, just one of the many enigmas surrounding the Invisible Temple mercenaries. But they are highly competent and they never ask questions, so neither should you.


One of the more prestigious PMCs, Invisible Temple are immediately recognisable from their unique uniform. In full face mask and armed with bleeding edge equipment they are an intimidating sight on the battlefield, even if they’re on your side.

But a trained eye will notice much more simply from the way they move and fight. It’s not like the self-trained ragtag mercs hired by PMCs like the Freelancers or even the mechanical Karakuri. There is movement is drilled and regimented, every one of them knows where he should be in a fire-fight as if they have trained for every possible combat encounter. It’s beyond military efficiency, it’s almost religious.

Invisible Temple

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