New Roman Empire

Highly advanced and highly cultured, children in the NRE are raised from birth to believe the Empire is the centre of the universe.


They are the twin-headed eagle of liberty; the red dragon of galactic might; the golden lion of nobility; and the black and white serpents of unity.

The symbols of the New Roman Empire are numerous and grandiose, much like the people, and they have the technology to back it up.

The NRE are the result of leaving some of Earth’s smartest people to stew for two hundred years with grand plans to save humanity; all backed by powerful military might. Every citizen of the Empire has been wrapped in their own mythology, they believe themselves to be the centre of the universe, the axis that humanity spins around. They are born with a mission to unite humanity and build an Empire worthy of it and many of them have taken it to heart.

From the politicians of the Senate to the lowliest soldier, the Romans have a fire in their heart, it’s the only explanation for how fast they have spread across the galaxy. Despite the fact that, to many of the colonists of Asgard and Eora, the actions of the New Romans are indistinguishable from despots, the NRE genuinely believe everyone they encounter would we better off under their rule. And it can be difficult to argue with them. After all the NRE remains the most advanced galactic culture yet encountered. Their technological advances have enabled them to bend space, reformate planets, and even manipulate the genome to cure diseases and revive extinct animals.

Even the often rebellious Asgard system knows the NRE are a necessary evil if humanity is to survive in the universe. Without a central government, or even an ancestral planet, to call home anymore the NRE are a backbone for the colonists to fall back on. Of course, that doesn’t mean anyone has to like it.


Just as Project Exodus built the Colony Ships to save humanity from a dead Earth so they did they establish Project Vigil in the hopes that the birthplace of humanity could one day be saved. It saw a considerable force of military and civilian scientists establishing a research outpost on Mars to monitor the pollution on Earth and hopefully develop new technology to clean it up. The base, established in the shadow of Olympus Mon, was jokingly named New Rome.

Those early scientists were volunteers, brave ones who knew it would likely be their great-great-great-grandchildren who would complete the task they start, all while knowing that there was no guarantee that Project Exodus would ever return.

In many ways, New Rome was more successful than they ever could have hoped. Matter manipulation enabled them to transform New Rome into a massive city; terraforming allowed them to build new civilisations all over the Sol system; with genetic engineering, they cured countless diseases and deformities; cloning allowed them to resurrect extinct animals and even craft legends into flesh. The strength of New Rome is built on science and technology, and citizens of the Sol System are encouraged to better themselves and better their Empire, in many ways, it’s an ideal place to live. Just imagine what they could do with the fruitful planets of Asgard or the alien knowledge of Eora.

Just don’t remind them they never managed to clean up Earth, suffice to say its a bit of a sore point.

New Roman Empire

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