A strange girl found in an ancient machine, older than the stars, she's a blank slate waiting to be shaped by the party. Whether they like it or not.


Pale skin, pale eyes, and pale hair. They girl the party calls Padma was found in an ancient machine, older than the concept of time, buried in the dust of an alien ruin discovered in the comet C-1818.

The party had traveled there to discover lost knowledge but she was the only one they were able to grab before the Vanir Corporation showed up in force. Despite this, she is quickly becoming the greatest mystery they’ve every encountered.

At a glance, she appears perfectly human, except for her albinism but there is much stranger genetic deformities in the galaxy, but the more the party digs the more inhuman they find her. Her frame is slight, but her muscles are like corded steel. Her gaze is often vacant, but the neurons in her brain fire three times as fast as the average human. Her bones have more platinum in them than calcium and her magical pattern, while dormant, is incredibly advanced. By all accounts she’s superhuman, but there’s also no doubt she’s damaged, the machined did incredible things to her body but torment her mind with an eternity of lonely dreams.


Padma has no purpose, the party were the first individuals to find her and show her kindness, their actions will ultimately determine her actions in the interesting times to come.


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