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Planets & Galaxies- A Cosmology of the Weird

The Sol System- The cradle of humanity and the throne of the New Roman Empire. To many it’s the pinnacle of human achievement, just ignore that the black and blighted husk of Earth.

  • Mars- Capital planet, home of New Rome itself, whatever you think of the Empire it’s an impressive city covering more than 80% of the planet. Notable places include the Parliment on Olympus Mon and the Canals of Mars (the first successful act of terraforming).

The Asgard System- Founded by the CS Lief Eriksson, legend says the Captain saw the system of nine habitable planets and knew immediately the perfect name for it.

  • Asgard Prime- Capital planet, not the system, as the landing sight for the Colony Ship it was the first colonised planet. Walk its streets and you can still see where they tore the ship apart to construct the buildings.
  • Alfheim- People who visit call it paradise, while most of the Asgard system is rough in some way, Alfheim defines pleasantness. The resorts and casinos built there by the Vanir Group only solidify its reputation as a pleasure planet.
  • Helheim- Formerly a dwarf planet on the edge of the system. Though the smallest planet in the system it was still home to a colony of fifty thousand, most of whom worked at the Vanir research facility until ten years ago when a Worldseed class terraforming device was unleashed. The seas boiled, the atmosphere became toxic as the very oxygen molecules reconfigured themselves, and in ten minutes the temperature reached the point that the ground was molten lava. There were no survivors. The NRE quickly released a statement claiming the Worldseed had been stolen weeks ago, likely by a terrorist group, however no such group claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Eora System- When the CS Botany Bay first entered the system the ship was on its last legs, they weren’t even able to properly land the ship on the only habitable planet, forcing them to essentially drop from orbit into the planet’s sea. This decision resulted in humanity’s first encounter with aliens being a massive tidal wave that devastated their city. It didn’t go much better from there.

Men & Monsters & Aliens- Which Are Your Friends

The New Roman Empire- Highly advanced and highly cultured. Most of the systems are only familiar with their military arm as symbolised through the Two-Headed Eagle emblazoned on their battle-suits and orbital weapons. Still, the Empire are not inherently evil, plenty of Roman civilians live and work throughout the human systems. However, they generally believe that a humanity united under the banner of New Rome is what is best for humanity.

Vanir Group- A powerful megacorp born from the Asgard system, their most profitable business if property and tourism on Alfheim and other planets. Naturally, they have a big interest in keeping the peace between Asgard and the other systems.

Archivists of Mystery- A sect of the Mysterium and the most heavily involved with the Interstellar Library. While all the Orders now rally to the Library, they were the first to believe in it as a cause, they worked alongside Sleeper groups to help design, fund, and build it’s magical and mundane structure. For their efforts, they hold considerable pull around Library City and are recognised by a pin of the Gnostic Cross they all were. Players can join the Archivist via the Mystery Cult merit.

Eorans- The Sleeper term for the advanced space-faring civilisation that built that ruins among the Eora system. Archaeologists are divided on whether it was one race or a series of races. Based on the presence of Atlantean symbols amidst the ruins, Mages have their own ideas about who or what built these ruins. Other names include the Ruinmakers, Wardens, the Host, and even more esoteric names like angels or nephilim.

The Unchained- A catchall term for the thousands of myriad alien species that occupy the
The City of Shattered Chains. They are the descendants of a former penal colony on the planet, surviving after the disappearance of their wardens, though not necessarily thriving.

The Surge- Galatic exploration is fraught with danger. From Black Sun pirates to the ever-present threat of running out of supplies. But these things you can prepare for but there’s no preparing for when you see the blue chitin of a Surge bio-ship off your ship’s rear and only one chance for survival; run.

The Secret Socities- Just because the world ended, doesn’t mean their desire to rule it wanned.

Technology & Magic- Sufficiently Advanced And All That

Stygian Ring/Stygian Gates- Faster-than-light travel may well be the NRE’s greatest achievement, it allowed them to reconnect humanity, and they take great measures to ensure only they know how it truly works.

Colony Ships- FTL technology-enabled space exploration on a wide scale, but it didn’t come fast enough to escape the ecological disaster that ravaged Earth. Colony Ships were colossal cruisers designed to hold over 3 Billion people in cryo-sleep, while a small skeleton crew would guide the ship on a one hundred and twenty-year journey toward the most likely worlds for habitation. There were three ships CS Botany Bay would found the Eora System and the CS Leif Eriksson would found the Asgard System. However the final ship, the CS Roanoke, would never make planetfall, its locator beacon was lost in space and NRE search have yet to uncover a trace. We can only assume that an unknown disaster knocked it over course and likely destroyed it and the 3 Billion people on board, it remains the greatest human tragedy of space exploration in sheer scale.

Notable Locations- Places of Power

Library City- Home of the Interstellar Library, the University of Kaeris, the largest known alien ruin, and built on top of Eora’s largest magical community. Not to mention the homebase of the party when it all starts.

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