Two hundred years ago Earth grew too polluted to be habitable, the last vestiges of government pooled their resources to save humanity by colonising the stars.

Project Exodus saw three huge Colony Ships- CS Roanoke, CS Leif Eriksson, and CS Botony Bay- built and sent out to the nearest possible habitable planets. Without faster-than-light travel, the journey would take at least a hundred years so each ship had only a small skeleton guide to shepherd over two-billions humans kept in cryo-stasis.

Meanwhile, Project Vigil saw the New Rome colony established on Mars. Composed of scientific and military minds it was the hope that they would be able to find a way to clean up Earth while the colony ships found homes.

In a way, New Rome was more successful than anyone imagined. While they never successfully cleaned Earth, their scientists developed amazing technologies. Faster-than-light travel, terraforming, laser weaponry, and more. They colonised the rest of the Sol System and built a fleet of FTL capable ships. More than that they developed a culture, to them the New Roman Empire was the centre of human achievement and the Colony ships were lost pieces waiting to be reclaimed.

What they actually found was very different. The CS Leif Eriksson found a full system of nine habitable planets only eighty years into their journey. The nine planets might not all be easy to live in but through hard work and ingenuity they colonised the Asgardian system. And the Asgardians had no intention to simply allow the NRE to declare itself the boss.

Meanwhile, the CS Botany Bay had found something even more impossible. Aliens. The Eora system seemed to have once been home to a great space-faring empire that suddenly vanished. The ruins alone might well hold the secrets to a new galactic understanding. But it wasn’t just dead aliens, the City of Shattered Chains was a penal colony turned multi-species city-state in the millennia since their wardens disappeared. And since they were on the only habitable planet in the system war between the colonists and the Unchained seemed inevitable. The arrival of the NRE, and their terra-forming technology, averted that war and allowed scientists to explore the ancient ruins on planets like Kaeris. But the NRE oppression of the colonists and aliens in the decades since only breed resentment.

This is how humanity stands in 2216, divided by great distance and two hundred years of divergent development, the NRE have bridged that cap with FTL technology but they are also the enemy that keeps it divided.

But that’s just human history, and as we know, even two hundred years ago, they weren’t even alone on their planet. Vampires terrorise the spaceways as pirate princes, masters of a world without sun. Werewolves were the guardians of a dead world, now they’re the guardians of a broken universe. And Mages…

Mages always sought to explore the mysteries of magic. The loss of Earth may have meant the loss of much magical knowledge but the Orders remained. They’ve changed naturally, but the core is the same, and they’ve united around the Interstellar Library on Kaeris as a place to record the secret histories and hidden knowledge. And space has provided many new mysteries to explore, like why do the aliens ruins all throughout Eora include Atlantean ruins; whatever happened to the lost colony ship the Roanoke; or simply why does the NRE’s FTL technology set off your Mage sight like it’s made of fire.

Sorcery Amongst the Stars

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