The Blind old fool



Finding a Blue and Green planet that blinded him out of beauty and pureness

Home planet: The iron Islands
Civilian life:

Awoken on the 25 March 2245, (30yrs old)
Arrived at the library since June and was stuck there every since


“When I was a young lad I always gazed upon the stars, always watching always studying the constellations they made, the planets that they cover. But one night I decided to take a different turn I spun the Telescope and let it stop at a random degree and peer into what it found… And what I saw, was beauty. A Green Utopia on a blue planet in a system I never seen before. It was…. perfection and as I stared through lens it’s beauty began to burn. Reeling from the telescope, tripping it, I tried to cover my eyes but they became no more instead the world became black with pinpricks of white. I screamed in agony. But then I noticed these were not splotches of white but the stars themselves, calling me to always see their glimmer.
What I saw that night, was our birthright, what we’ve always wanted Atlantis, I’m sure of it, but even in the high tongue other members just see me as a blind old fool. They gave me a place in the archives, with the promise of the navigations sections. But I never had the chance to go further in the chain or even go on an expedition. Seeing me as a liability and a nuisance than a resource.
But I know it’s out there just beyond the edges of our space. So I need someone with a desire to go beyond, and the recklessness to take that faith, I think I sense that in you.”
“So will you let a blind old fool travel between the stars once again?”


Sorcery Amongst the Stars Bert_the_Third