Possibly the most dangerous and mysterious race in the galaxy. There is no greater threat in uncharted space.


An utterly bizarre race of creatures the Surge have either mastered biotech weaponry or are the galaxies most twisted example of evolution.

What we today know as Surge is very different to the first time they were encountered attacking the NRE exploration vessel Twin Eagle. Those were insectoid creatures who moved on all.. sixes. They were armored in blue chitin strong enough to stop thermite rounds and attacked either with their crab-like claw which could rip through metal or by deploying spikes from their backs which unleashed high voltage bio-electricity.

Footage recovered from the Twin Eagle’s black-box demonstrated that the Surge moved as one as they culled the soldiers and scientists down to a single woman, Lab-Tech Vallan, then things got strange. Vallan had just ineffectively emptied an entire clip into a Surge’s chitin when suddenly the multi-limbed stood upright on it’s two back legs. Its chitin became soft and flexible as “panels” slid back and shifted around. It was an almost mechanical process, yet internal organs could clearly be seen within brief gaps as the chitin moved around. Within minutes the chitin had completely transformed becoming an almost perfect silhouette of Vallan. The chitin was smoother and sleeker, the crab-like claws were almost like hands now, and creature’s bio-luminescence markings had lined themselves into something like a face.

Vallan’s fate was unknown, like most victims of the Surge she was taken back alive into their bio-ships, but the Twin Eagle’s back-box remains an excellent example of Surge’s flexibility on the battlefield. Further encounters with them on the outer rims and uncharted space have shown the former-insects have refined their mimicry of the human shape. Whether it is hair-like tendrils that can act as limbs or removing pieces of their chitin to form external weapons; the Surge always have some new trick in their blue shells.

Despite this quasi-human shape the Surge’s morals, technology, and biology remain the most alien thing humans have encountered out in the cosmos. The only certainty is that each one is a living weapon, capable of going toe to toe with almost anything, and they never fight alone.


Named by the NRE for their signature boarding tactic, the way Surge bioships swarm a ship and stab their way through the hull. Like a living poison, they surge throughout the target ship, taking down all resistance with ruthless efficiency.

The first encounter may have been with the NRE but the Surge have proven to be a deadly threat to everyone who explores in the outer rims. There has never been a recorded encounter with Surge planetside, for whatever reason they stick to deep space and usually target lone ships.

Much like the Surge themselves the hive-minds bioships are extremely flexible and advanced. Simultaneously undetectable on both long and short range radars, they are even capable of hiding from the visible spectrum with adaptive camouflage. Most pilots don’t notice the bioships until they’ve turned the ship into a pincushion.

Those few who succeeded in noticed the slight distortion in space before the Surge uncloak have only survived to tell the tale by immediately dropping Inbetween. For all their technology the Surge do not share the human method for FTL travel. What they do use is just one of the many mysteries surrounding their existence.

Pretty much every government has some ludicrously high bounty to capture a Surge drone alive or dead. However, it is one of the mage orders the Adamantine Arrow that offers the highest, willing to give a considerable wealth of artifacts and magical tomes to whoever can bring one in alive. This bounty was established after one of the Arrow’s finest warriors- Salem McGregor, the infamous Iron Mongoose and slayer of the serpent god Apep- became just another victim of the Surge.

Suffice to say, none of these bounties have so far been claimed.


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