A binary star system, Eora has six planets orbiting two stars, unsurprisingly most of these planets are very hot.

Planets Are Listed In Order From Nearest to Furthest From The Suns, Moons Are Named When Important

  • Blaese- 2 Moons, Also On Fire Nicknamed the blazing world, as the closest to the two suns this is the only remaining uninhabitable world in the Eora system. Its surface is eternally on fire and attempts to terra-form it have only resulted in giving the blaze more fuel to burn. Despite this, scanners have still located alien ruins at the center of the planet, only raising more questions.
  • Cato- 1 Moon & A Stygian Gate This small planet was established as the NRE’s home away from home in the Eora system. It houses the New Rome embassy as well as a sizeable military base. Most of the planet though is covered in civilian colonies, since the system’s Stygian Gate is in orbit around Cato, the planet has a reputation as the place you can buy anything. But wherever there’s money to be had there is also crime. Countless criminal gangs run rampant through the city but they all pay lip service to the Dark Triad.
  • Damao-Four Moons Considerably more famous for its four moons, each an alien construction buried under layers of sediment since terraforming would likely damage the ruins archaeologists are forced to excavate in space suits.

Spells which allow Mage to breathe in a vacuum means the magical community have established their own much more successful excavations. However, the Interstellar Library aren’t heavily involved, to their great displeasure. Instead, Tian Guo, a mega-corp born from a rogue sect of the Silver Ladder with heavy ties to Damao’s magical community, fund the dig-sites and only allow Library association under heavy-supervision. On the bright side, they are even more antagonistic towards the NRE, and are skilled at burying their own excavation efforts under red tape.

  • Kaeris- Three Moons Capital planet, after the disaster that was the Iron Island colony the colonists accepted the NRE’s help in terraforming the rest of the Eora system. With more habitable planets humans and aliens didn’t have to share. The most successful of these was Kaeris, as the home of the largest alien ruins in the system it drew a lot of scientific and magical attention. Both groups would help to establish the Interstellar Library and eventually the city that grew around it.

Aside from Library City and Kaeris Ruin’s Dig-site, notable locations include Fault Basin, a colony built around a massive lake formed from an error in the terraforming process; New Angeles, a former mining town turned archelogy site after the discovering of Ruins that housed a massive winger skeleton.

  • Shani_ No Moons Primarily composed of oceans with a large island chain, even on the outer rim this planet has tropical weather conditions. Shani has no moons instead it has large rings composed of rock and ice. Trace amounts of metal in the rings, similar to other Eoran ruins, suggest they are the wreckage of an orbital observation platform when the planet was still a penal colony.

Countless millennia ago an unknown alien empire used it as penal colony, with thousands of disparate species brought here. When that empire suddenly vanished the prisoners banded together to survive forming the City of Shattered Chains. When humans came they dropped their Colony Ship in the sea as a floating city, the Iron Island. The two groups came into conflict almost immediately, and war was only averted with the NRE’s arrival. But even today peace only exists on the surface, resentment brews just under the skin, between the humans and aliens and between the NRE and everyone.

Today the NRE operate as the jailors, only aliens that renounce their loyalty to the City of Shattered Chains and serve in the NRE military are allowed to leave via the Iron Island spaceport. A system of defence satellites ensure that any non-registered ships in or out of the planet are destroyed.

  • Adamus- Four Moons Furthest from the suns and somewhat chilly. Before terra-forming Adamus was impressive, if utterly useless for colonisation, being composed mostly of diamonds. Terraforming transformed Adamus’ four moons into agriculture lands allowing supplies to be shipped planetside, overtime Adamus proper became a luxury housing colony and tourist hub. Inhabitants say there is nothing compared to the light of the morning suns hitting the crystal mountains.

Notable locations include the Miner’s Markets where street artists use nano-filament blades to carve large chunks of diamond into ornaments and statues. As the rocks have little intrinsic worth you’re mostly paying for the craftsmanship.


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