“Never let it be forgotten, we are all always watching.”

Every inhabitant of the outer-rim knows of infamous living planet of Yuggoth. Once it was a place synonymous with death and destruction but things changed with the arrival of the human race two hundred years ago. Since then it has become many things to different people. It is a major trading hub dealing in items other planets would only have on the black market; the home of the infamous but honorable, and highly effective, Invisible Temple mercenaries; a major business partner for hundreds of interstellar mega-corporations; a major interspecies metropolis and an excellent place to disappear.

Established in a partly organic and partly artificial Dyson sphere, built by unknown beings, it encircles a star eternally caught halfway in the process of going supernova. This star is, in actuality, the cannibalistic Outer God Cxaxukluth (pronounced Ksaksa-Kluth by beings with one tongue) who was fortunately only cannibalistic towards other Outer Gods. It was once the Mi-Go homeworld until they angered Cxaxukluth by attempting to harvest his flesh for power. Despite his power, the Mi-Go had advanced technology which attacked his physic essence, unused to be on the wrong side of any conflict the fission being was forced to seek aid. He was contacted by mages represented the human race of a ship called the CS Roanoke. They brokered a deal in the moments before their minds were burned out by communicating with the Outer God.

Warriors of the human race descended on the Mi-Go and fought a bloody and destructive war of eradication. They hunted the Mi-Go to the last man and in exchange they became the new inhabitants of Yuggoth, and would be allowed to harvest solar energy from Cxaxukluth’s constantly burning form. In time their colony became a major hub and the humans, used to brokering power, began preparing for the apocalypse…

At least that’s the old history that you can find at Yuggoth’s visitor center, the modern politics of the colony are even more complex. Most alien visitors try to avoid it and play nice with the locals, but they do know that the human race is a varied one with countless subtypes and variations such as vampires, sin-eaters, werewolves and even articles beings such as Prometheans and AI. The politics of the city divide it between several shadowy governments who exercise their power in a million wats. Both subtle and overt.

It’s not uncommon for young and impressional aliens, particularly those seeking for answers or guidance for their own budding magical powers to come to Yuggoth, the societies are always more than willing to take them in and teach. But a small number understand that membership in a Society is service that lasts life and beyond. Anyone informed enough to know this will soon learn that this isn’t the only human colony in the universe. So these aliens buy passage with the Phoenicians or learn enough to walk the secret pathways, pulled by a dream of a Library and a wealth of magical mysteries, towards the planet of Kaeris.

The Citadel

To surive in Yuggoth, it is vital to know who is in charge. There are the Templars who have walled off a large section of Yuggoth and created the Citadel to train their considerable private army. They are a military nation who trade in blood and war, but their ways are disturbingly religious, like a cult who worships the act of war itself. When fighting for coin in campaigns across the universe they wear the inverted cross of the Invisible Temple mercenaries so their enemy knows this war is only a job. Only when they believe in the cause do they done the red and white garb of the Templars. Intent on spreading they legend of the Templars.

Tourists and traders rarely come to the Citadel, the Templars do their business outside the walled city in the neutral spaceport of New Venice. But any who feel a call to their cause are welcome into the city if they are willing to shed blood for the cause. Actual battle skill can be honed in the Forging Catacombs, assuming the new disciple survives the training.


The expansive city of Wadjet, at first glance, seems to be in an almost constant state of activity. Many of the largest megacorps have their Yuggoth headquarters here and the Azula Market to the south is the planet’s largest shopping destination. The spaceport here moves over a billion bodies each day. So you would think that whatever Society call this place home couldn’t hope to keep up with the traffic. You would be wrong.

The Illuminati exercise control in subtle but omnipresent ways, only the highly observant can hope to notice the true extent of their surveillance network, but everyone in the city feels that they are always being watched. In the center of the city is a massive pyramid bearing massive neons strips that form the symbolic triangle with a circle in its center. A colossal eye burning a whole in the city, one that always feels like its always… looking… right… at you.

In a city without a Masquerade, the Illuminati can afford to be a little obvious, but their greatest lie has been tricking people into thinking the Great Pyramid is the extent of their control when, in truth, it is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The Illuminati excel at building labyrinths and the ones underneath this city extend out beyond Yuggoth, through the secret pathways, right into the heart of the Sol, Eora, and Asgard and further still… ever further.

h4. New Carthage Spaceport

The Brotherhood of Phoenician Sailors, forever and always the black sheep of the Secret World, but the loss of Earth has put things in perspective. To an extent.

New Carthage is the largest spaceport on Yuggoth, a massive amount of bodies and products move through this port, money greases every palm, and every day the Phoenicians are taking their cut of it all. It also connects their considerable criminal efforts such as the trade of Stygian Rings in Shangri-La; the theft of Builder artifacts from the Xen Convergence; battle for control against the Black Sun Fleet; or even just the old Philosopher’s Stone scam with an undeveloped world. Honestly, New Carthage is more a home than Earth ever was, the sailors have a whole new space to explore, and a port to call home during the storm. But that just means they are all the more fierce in defending it.

The Free District

Now this is true freedom, anything goes in the Free District and the inhabitants and travelers in this district take full advantage of this fact. Be it pleasure or business you’ll find something worthwhile here. But everyone knows there are four Secret Societies that control Yuggoth. Where then does the last, the Dragon, call home. Everywhere and nowhere. Devotees of the Dragon make their home in the moment, existing between the cracks of other organizations and Societies, and sometimes even within.

The Free District isn’t necessarily their home, but it is their experiment. Chaos on a grand level which draws in new and willing test subjects every day. Feel free, feel paranoid. Cause if you enter the Free District then you are just a rat in the fact of a Dragon.

La Culina

There is a small district on Yuggoth- marked by a statue in the centre square- it depicts a large two-headed monster that locals call the Lame Behemoth. Carved into the base of the statue are the words, “Here lies the corpse of the lame behemoth, eaten by the herd it sought to protect. But dead things cannot be killed twice.” The meaning of this is known only to the locals that live in this small district, they are gods and demon kings; monsters lords and machine minds; any and all powerful enough to exist outside of Yuggoth’s society influence but not connected enough to form their own factions. They are all connected by the ghost of a dream, waiting for a time when that dream will have meaning again.


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