The City of Shattered Chains

For those few who have seen it, the Chains is one of the great sights of the universe, this huge city-state stretches across the islands of the Deep Blue (as the Unchained called Shani) host to over a thousand alien species. Each island has been transformed into its own biome via the technology recovered from their ancient Wardens. From aliens that breathe in a high oxygen atmosphere to gardens catering to countless dietary requirements.

And all around them is the constant churning of the Deep Blue, the threat of powerful storms ever on the horizon, not to mention the unknown threats deep below the sea. The Unchained were not bound by the Lie, to them magic was the weapon of the Wardens their ancient tormentors.

Still, they survived, and to some extent thrived against the odds, despite the alien variety there is a strong sense of community in the Chains. Island is represented by an elected leader, but they mainly act as representatives in meetings, for major events they utilise the prison’s ancient infra-net to hold online votes. Though not everyone has infra-net access due to a limited supply of consoles.

Much of the Unchained have built their technology for what they could salvage from the Wardens, the hardy machining able to survive thousands of years in working condition, often modified by their own engineers and scientists. Despite this, they were never able to reach the level of space travel, unable to mine many resources from the watery planet.

Humanity Arrives

When the CS Botany Bay arrived in the Eora system it was forced to crash land on the only habitable planet. Unable to properly scan the planet they didn’t know their crash would create a massive tidal wave that would devastate the planet’s native inhabitants until it was too late.

This act put humanity and Unchained on the brink of war. But the colonists had no other options, turning their Colony Ship into a floating base- the Iron Island- and prepared for conflict.

The sudden arrival of the New Roman Empire was both a blessing and a curse. They averted the war and began terraforming the Eora system for colonisation. Meanwhile, the Iron Island was repurposed as a spaceport.

In orbit, they built the Regulus weapons platform and satellite system to control traffic in and out of the planet. Once again the Unchained has lost their freedom.

The Magical Arts

Unchained were no strangers to the supernatural, every species had their legends and stories, many of whom were imprisoned alongside the normal. The Warden were legendary for their magic, legends of god-like figures who could twist reality at a whim still inspire fear.

It is no surprise them that those aliens who have awakened are faced with persecution. In recent days that the Pentacle Orders and Seers of the Throne have proven to be surprising allies.

To powerful mages who wield the Space arcanum avoiding the NRE blockade is child’s play. And the awakened aliens are often willing allies to the idea of awakened universe or simply a chance to explore space and their own magic. Of course, the Seers of the Throne have no trouble in finding embittered mages willing to have a taste of power.


Aliens are built using the rules from the Infinite Macabre sourcebook. You may choose to have your PC be either a Unchained who escaped the planet or a wandering alien who has arrived in the Eora system for whatever reason. Both groups masquerade as Chain Traitors- aliens who signed their lives away to the NRE for the chance to escape their homeworld- in order to explore space. The Mage Orders are able to provide the proper papers, but the racial tension from the layman is less avoidable.

Those who choose to play as Unchained receive a free merit as the result of the Wardens manipulating their ancestor’s genetic structure. The advantage of story reasons.

Gene Mod: Universal Translator (1 Dot Merit)- “Call it magic, or call it science. Call them Wardens, or call them Eorans, or Ruinbuilders, or whatever. Whoever once ruled this system were impossibly advanced, if you need proof just look at what they did to their humble prisoners.”

Believed to be an attempt to eradicate culture from their prisoners, all Unchained have a universal translator built into their genetic code. It doesn’t work on written word, but any spoken language is instantly understandable to them. Even something as esoteric as the alien composed of blinking lights in space can be communicated with. This can’t be turned off either, as a result, the “language” of Unchained is extremely literal. Things like “Deep Blue” or “the City of Shattered Chains” are common sounding terms that in truth sound different to every Unchained.

The City of Shattered Chains

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